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X670E Hero + 7950X3D wont load windows

Level 8

So I have a brand new x670E hero and a 7950x3d.  The system also has 128gb of ram and a PNY 2TB m.2.  So I have it set for windows in the bios.  I created a usb key with rufus for win10 and win11.  I put the key in and try to boot to the USB with the F8 Key.  It comes up to try and load windows and it crashes every time.  it gets thru part of the windows install and freezes or it just reboots.  The only way to try again is to format the m.2 again from the bios and re-setup the usbkey again because it gets corrupt as well.  Is there something wrong with the bios setup.  I am going to try to load Redhat or ESXI this weekend just as a test.  I have never had so many problems before.


hello i have had my pc built recently with the  same motherboard ASUS x670e,ryzen 7950x3d,corsair vengeance 6000mhz (64gb)32x2,rtx 4090 and when XMP is enabled the pc boots very slowly and their  are some micro stutters in games or sometimes pc boots into bios showing error. but it runs stable when XMP is disabled and rams runs at 4800mhz.It would really be a huge help if you can suggest some solution in which i can utilize my whole ram speed without these complications and sorry if i missed giving some information as i am completely new at  pc gaming.


The memory overclock is unstable. Can you list the memory kit part number and confirm whether it's on the motherboard QVL?


13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

MOTHERBOARD IS ASUS  X670E-E (CMK64GX5M2B6000C40 IS MY MEMORY KIT NUMBER) But on the eq list it is showing CMT64GX5M2B6000C40 don't know if it is correct though as it shows T their instead of K

sorry checked again properly it is not on the eq list CMK64GX5M2B6000C40

Level 7

Has anyone had the issue with this board and the X3d? I had a regular 7950x everything stock. 64 gbs of g5 neo stock all auto ( everything is brand new) .

At first the system booted and went to windows but then 1 hour in screen went black , pc restarted and threw the 00 code. I reseated the cpu, tried differet ram slots, different cpus, different everything and still 00. Went to put that cpu in another board and nothing works anymoreon it. I went to put a good cpu that i knew work the old 7950x back in it and no post. Has anyone had this issue? $650 motherboard and I think it just killed my cpu and took itself out as well.

What can I do about this, Asus says to contact AMD for this problem but that board was fine until I put the 7950x3d in, then everything goes black and now the mobo won't work, nor the cpu.

All I get is code 00 on it, I can't really return the board because it will take at least two weeks for an exchange. I need this pc for work as its the only pc. Has anyone delt with asus support with maybe advance rma ?