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X670E Hero + 7950X3D wont load windows

Level 8

So I have a brand new x670E hero and a 7950x3d.  The system also has 128gb of ram and a PNY 2TB m.2.  So I have it set for windows in the bios.  I created a usb key with rufus for win10 and win11.  I put the key in and try to boot to the USB with the F8 Key.  It comes up to try and load windows and it crashes every time.  it gets thru part of the windows install and freezes or it just reboots.  The only way to try again is to format the m.2 again from the bios and re-setup the usbkey again because it gets corrupt as well.  Is there something wrong with the bios setup.  I am going to try to load Redhat or ESXI this weekend just as a test.  I have never had so many problems before.


Level 14

It's probably related to your RAM.  There are no 4 DIMM configs currently on the Crosshair X670E Hero Memory QVL.  The "socket support" column tells you how many DIMMs are in the validated config, and is currently "1,2" for all listings.  4 DIMM configs would be "1,2,4".

What does this mean for you?  You either need to run with 64GB in a 2 DIMM config, preferably DIMM part numbers that are an exact match for a QVL listing; this has a fairly good chance of working with XMP/DOCP/EXPO enabled.  Or, you can probably run 4 DIMMs without XMP/DOCP/EXPO enabled, at the default JEDEC speed (probably 4800 MT/s or 2400 MHz).  You may be able to get a 4 DIMM config working with a small overclock, somewhere between the base JEDEC speed and the XMP rating for the sticks, but getting 4 DIMM configs of DDR5 to work on their advertised XMP timings is generally problematic.

For installing Windows, I strongly recommend sticking to "load optimised defaults" in the BIOS, no XMP/DOCP/EXPO, no other overclocking, no performance tweaks that are not the default for the BIOS.  If necessary, make the minimum BIOS configs needed for your storage devices and secure boot, nothing else.  Possibly also do this with just 2 DIMMs from a single kit (mixing multiple memory kits is not recommended, even for kits that nominally have identical sticks).

Updating to the latest BIOS is probably also a good idea, if you've not already done so.  Future BIOS updates may improve DDR5 compatibility; it's still really very new and should get better as both the memory and the platforms mature.

Thanks for the info.   How long do you think this will be until they have it all fixed with all 4 sockets.

@sbloom1967 wrote:

Thanks for the info.   How long do you think this will be until they have it all fixed with all 4 sockets.

It's impossible to say.  We don't know exactly how the problem splits between the CPU's memory controller, board, DIMMs, and the numbers in the XMP/DOCP/EXPO profile on the DIMMs.

The highest speed DIMMs will likely never work at their advertised overclock speeds in a 4 DIMM config.  More moderate overclocks, e.g. probably up to about 6000 MT/s, should hopefully get better as AMD's AGESA team, the BIOS teams, and memory vendors gain experience with DDR5.  Some of it may come from improvements in the DDR5 silicon, so wouldn't necessarily enable current DIMMs.  For the AMD platform in particular, wider availability of DIMMs with EXPO profiles may help, as the overclock DIMM vendors get the tuning optimised for the AMD platform.

The end game state of DDR4 on AM4 was 4 DIMM configs being relatively easy with 3200 and 3600 MT/s (from silicon rated up to 2666 MT/s JEDEC speed); but faster than that was the domain of 2 DIMM configs.

never. its a hardware limitation. each additional stick of ram is more strain on the memory controller. theres a reason the official supported speeds for AM5 are 5200 2 dimm and 3600 4 dimm.


Level 9

I'm running a 7950X and 128GB of DDR5-4800. All at stock speeds, so the Ryzen is throttling the RAM at 3600. The system is very stable though. 

Are you using any DOCP profiles on the RAM? If so, disable. Also, if you have access to another PC download MemTest86 and create the bootable USB via it's instructions. Don't install Windows, boot directly to the USB/MemTest and test your RAM. If it gives even one error, your RAM is unstable and likely the issue.

Thanks , ill try that as well

Level 9

I am currently running 192GB at 5200Mhz on my 7950x and X670-E Hero.

how do u set up the motherboard to do that.  any settings u needed to change

Simply activated the DOCP profile for the RAM and then upped the voltage from 1.25 to 1.26v.