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x670e Hero, 7950x, Bios 705, and Fan Xpert 4 Issues that BIOS reset fixes

Level 10

So, I've ran into this weird issue with Fan Xpert 4 where after a while (random time periods) the fans and water pump are not ramping up on the fan curves. They are sticking right at the base speeds even with temperature increases.



This is problematic for me as I have a custom loop and like to keep my system cool.

Changing the curves does nothing. The fans stick to the lowest speeds always.
Auto Tuning the fans does nothing.
I've tried uninstalling Armory Crate and reinstalling and it did not fix the issue.
I've tried reinstalling Windows and it didn't fix the issue.
I've tried setting the fan curve in BIOS and the same issue happens. The water temp would be above a triggered rate and the fans and pump would not ramp up.

The only thing that has worked for me was clearing the CMOS. Then and only then the fans start working on the curves again. The problem is that at random times they stop working and my system heats up again. This leads me to believe that there is something in the BIOS that is making it so that the fans are not working correctly.

Are other people having this issue as well? Also, what are my next steps to elevate this to ASUS so that they can look into the issue?



Level 10
Unfortunately, it appears that it is still broken.



Are others having this issue as well or should I RMA this motherboard?

Level 10
I reset the CMOS and they are back on the curve again.



Level 10
Updated to the latest 805 bios. Will report if that fixes the issue.

Level 10
Continuing to have this issue....

Level 10
Asus support got back to me and suggested that I move the water pump header to the CPU header. I did that on Wednesday and today I have had to reset the CMOS 2 times.

This is beyond frustrating.

Level 11
For the record, the Aida64 issue locking CPU temps referenced in this thread is resolved in the latest Aida64 beta version.

Level 10
New FanXpert downloaded today and the issue is STILL there.





This is a disgrace.

I've been in contact with ASUS Support over this issue for over a month now. Their suggestions were to move the fan headers around on the MB. That did absolutely nothing.

Between this issue, the popping SPDIF issues, and the underpowered USB issues I really regret spending $700+ on this 'high end' motherboard.

I've been buying ASUS motherboards for years. My justification was that the extra money meant that the MBs would have higher build quality and support. Well, the support is STRONGLY LACKING these days and it appears that my $700+ motherboard is a hunk of scrap too.

I should have returned this motherboard when I had the chance. When the first error happened... I just HAD to see if it was something easy to fix with it and decided to go to support. In doing so I missed my 30 day return period. So now I have a $700 motherboard that pops every time there is a sound (No fix in sight and apparently a lot of people are having issues with it that ASUS is ignoring), that can't seem to have more than 5 USB devices plugged in at one time (Another common problem that a lot of people are having and ASUS is ignoring), and can't keep fans running right to save it's life (A habitual problem that ASUS has had for YEARS with their fanXpert software but isn't fixing)....

Unfortunately, I think ASUS is losing another customer.

Level 7

I also have this temperature sensor problem, looks like ASUS is not giving a duck about us.