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x670e Hero 0805 with 7950x instant restart. No overclocking

Level 7
I am having this weird issue where for the past 2 days my PC just reboots without any bluescreen. I have set DOCP1 in the BIOS (5600Mhz), and have done no other overclocking. The strange thing is that on both occassions the reboots happened at almost the same time on 2 seperate days (1130pm and 1137pm). I have stress tested using Prime95 for 5 hours (Small FFTs and Large FFTs) and it shows no issues/no reboots during torture test. On both ocassions when the reboot happened I was using Android Studio inside of a VM created using VMWARE

Level 14
I have the same issue when system is idle or under vary light load, setting PBO to +6 All-Cores resolves issue. 97416
Intel 14900KF ~ Asus MZ790A ~ 48GB DDR5 ~ RTX 3090 Ti ~ Crucial T700 SSD ~ SeaSonic TX-1600 ~ Praxis WetBench ~ Full Custom Water.