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x670e extreme

Level 9

Hi all, I opened this new discussion because I noticed that many users with this card and perhaps also with others of the x670e series are having problems with the thunderbolt ports, slowdowns in acquiring information when running programs such as hwmonitor cpuz or simply when starting windows when background programs are loaded to control fan led etc.

The problem can only be solved by disabling the thunderbolt ports from the bios. "Bios>Advanced>AMD PBS> Thunderbolt / USB4 Support" It would be helpful to know if you are taking steps to fix via bios or drivers, or do we have to send our boards back to make a refund?

AMD 7950x with EKWB Quantum Magnitude Flat Coldplate Direct Die | Asus x670e Extreme | Gigabyte Aorus 4090 (@ Power Limit 80 Gpu Clock 2465Mhz Boost 2780Mhz Memory 1500mhz Gpu-z Info) | 32GB G.Skill Trident Z5 NEO CL30-38-38-96 (@ CL28-36-36-36 1.35v) | 2TB Samsung 970 Evo Plus | Asus Loki 1000W Platinum | Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 240Hz Curved 32"| EKWB custom loop water cooling

hot ****** bruv. This ****** worked for me

AMD Ryzen 7950X3D [x2 360 Rad EKWB] | Asus Extreme x670E | RTX TUF 4090 OC@3GHz [EKWB Block] | Corsair HX1500i | G.Skill Neo CL30 6000MHz (2x32GB) | 980+950 Pro 1TB M.2 | x6 850 PRO 512GB | NAS 4x 18TB Seagate Exo Raid 10+Backblaze | Lian-Li o11D XL | Main Screen: Samsung NEO G9 | AUX: LG IPS7 27" (x2) LG CX 55" G-Sync | Copyright©1996-2023 Teletha™ All rights reserved. ® -"Lightning. It flashes bright, then fades away. It can't protect. It only destroys."

Level 9

For those wishing to try users with this problem

Device Management==> System Devices (scroll down to Thunderbolt(TM) Controller - 1137) ==> Right Click Properties ==> Power management ==> Uncheck


AMD 7950x with EKWB Quantum Magnitude Flat Coldplate Direct Die | Asus x670e Extreme | Gigabyte Aorus 4090 (@ Power Limit 80 Gpu Clock 2465Mhz Boost 2780Mhz Memory 1500mhz Gpu-z Info) | 32GB G.Skill Trident Z5 NEO CL30-38-38-96 (@ CL28-36-36-36 1.35v) | 2TB Samsung 970 Evo Plus | Asus Loki 1000W Platinum | Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 240Hz Curved 32"| EKWB custom loop water cooling

Level 9

Same issue here bios with 1415.

Decided to investigate because Windows loading felt really slow, then I've noticed the Thunderbolt/USB driver was failing to load with warning kernel pnp. 

Ended up  finding this thread, and the "solution" was to disable USB 4. 

Also had to disable sleep/hibernate because it randomly crashed most of the times entering (or recovering - not sure) sleep mode.

Basically paid 600€ for a 2023 board without sleep/hibernate and usb4, but decided to suck it up and not sending it back. The PC was assembled by the seller, I suspect he installed some refurbished board, or I was really unlucky, but since I don't believe in coincidences...

I am having two main issues laggy  load on start up and  that if my PC goes to sleep it will not reawaken and have to use the reset to restart. Also issue with audio. All drivers installed correctly and currently up to date. The Current Bios 1415 system Windows 10 Pro. 64bit.  MB Crosshair Extreme X670 E, GPU Strix RTX 4090 OC, PSU Thor 1200W Pat III, DDR5 Corsair 64GB Dominator x2 x 32GB. Samsung 990 PRO 2TB x 2 at  M2_1 and M2_2 slots. It is a pain in the ass to not be able to wake the PC up from sleep mode. I am at a loss and if I have to disable hardware to make a 1000.00 Dollar mother board work then ASUS has seriously let us all down. 

I paid 1000.00 USD for this MB and it is not living up to its expectation  info on the box say that my board was manufacture 10/22 

Hey Seabee.

Thank you for your reply, and sorry to hear about your issues. Looks like you're suffering from the exact same issues I do.

In my case disabling the Thunderbolt/USB4 in the bios "solved" the slow start up. Could you please compare your load time with and without ?

Regarding the sleep problems, is it random? I my case it was random, but not very random, it happened most of the times. I've learned how to live without sleep mode, totally disabled it (including fast boot), and after making the boot time good, it not longer bothers me.

I would suggest watching your event log for COM timeout  errors, and track their origin since they have a huge impact on the load time.

But I still find it unacceptable having to disable hardware functionalities on an expensive hardware in order to have a decent working system. I've always bought Asus boards, never had issues, when I decide to go for an expensive one, it's a mess. I guess ASUS QC is not what I expected, and I've been lucky until now. Lesson learned.

Super Moderator ;  Silent Scone  gave me this link on my post about my Mother board not waking up post linked here

link to Latency Monitor

I ran the app and from what I can tell my Nvidia driver is causing the issue with my Audio issues and is possibly causing instability at start up. Since it has been 10 years since my last build I am way behind the times and playing a serious game of catch up to the new technologies. I will disable the Power Management in Device manager for Thunder bolt Controller and see if that makes a difference. The crackling and popping is getting worse. going to also disable sleep mode for now until I can figure it out. For the amount of money I spent on a AMD system regretting now not doing an Intel Build. I am at over 6700.00 USD on this build and looks like I may have to take my pc into a custom shop that is 8 hours drive one way for me bad enough that my GR701 Case that cost 500.00 has a bad audio cable for the front connector.  Hoping that I do not have to send the entire case back just to get a replacement cable. 


Disabling the thunderbolt in the device manager does nothing for me, only disabling it in the bios. I won't have USB4 but at least I don't have the 10 sec extra windows load time. Currently my windows welcome screen lasts 5 seconds.

Which shows the severity of the problem - the hardware is faulty and the source of the problem is causing problems with the sleep mode and thunderbolt.


I disabled the Thunderbolt power saving function in device manager. I was able to wake my pc up from sleep. I have noticed in my event logs for windows that the GPUID is listed many times as error.  My PC boots fast and the slowest timed boot was 1:21 from push of power button to windows log in being assessable.  I looked because I was looking up info on GPU tweak iii and had multiple tabs in Chrome opened and both my monitors black screened on me for 15 or so seconds. 

  Today I played a game and smelt some burning . So I checked the connector  at the GPU a 180 degree cable mod connector to the RTX 4090 that is connected with the 12HW PSU wires from ASUS that came with the Thor 1200W I did not notice any melted plastic, but the cable end along with the 180 connector was extremely hot. I stooped gaming at that point. Just came back on as I turned the PC off earlier to see if the pc will boot and displays work. 

Summary  I still have audio popping and cracking sounds when ever opening any app in windows, Both monitor going blank or black no display. Not 100 percent sure that the wake from sleep issue is resolved. 

  I am there with you Nitro there are definitely some hardware issues occurring that is causing faults on these AMD boards. Regret selling my other PC before this one was issue free. Hoping that the 4090 connector melt is not happening to me. Hoping that I can find someone in my small town at one of the 3 pc shops that can help me solve these issues.  I had to wait for my  Ryujin  360 AIO to ship from Hong Kong so I am over the 30 day return on all the components. Every thing is still under warranty and if the popping cracking noise can not be resolved RMA the MB, eating the cost of the AMD 7950X3D Buying a Intel 13900 and a Intel mother board most likely not from ASUS. The consumer should never be used as the R&D department. Sorry very frustrated at the moment. Built this PC to be able to game and do design work and so far over one week tracing done fixes for things that in the last generation and multiple generations prior worked right out of the box.  

Looks like we have different issues.

My sleep randomly crashes, not just doesn't wake up after a clean windows + drivers install - a clear sign of an hardware defect.

The thunderbolt not working is probably another symptom of some defective electronic component - power related, this causes a 10 sec timeout which adds to the windows.

Those 5 seconds load time I've mentioned, are only for the Windows waiting load screen.

Also had to disable Armory Crate Update component because it was adding like another 10 seconds to the waiting load screen...

The only black screen I get is the screen going off and back on is after the windows load, when NVIDIA driver does something similar to when you install the driver - windows displays a g-sync notification on the tray  - don't know if this is normal...

I've decided to bite the bullet and keep the board, unless something else else shows up... I've found it weird I wasn't able to find any channels with my old usb tuner stick, and I have a feeling it's a symptom of the same problem, but not sure because the USB SSD drives work... So I had to spend another 120€ on pcie tuner card.

I regret having bought this PC from a shop 3000km away to save some money, if there will be a next time, I will buy it from a local store.

If I were having black screens I would RMA it.