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X670E Extreme Issues

Level 7

To date I have had constant problems with my ROG X670E EXTREME consisting of the following:

1. Memory Leaks

2. Random Crashes

3. Extremely hard to install windows 11

Regarding topic 1 I have had to purchase 3 sets of ram being through G.Skill and EXPO compatible they all have memory leaks and within a month or two die while having anywhere between 2 and 30 crashes a day. 

Regarding topic 2 I have had numerous crashes where an application will close for no reason followed by the PC shortly crashing or just blue screening randomly.

Regarding topic 3 after dealing with the above issues even during the first install it was extemly hard to install windows 11 which takes me about 10-20 times to actually get it to install without crashing during the install.


For reference here are the specs:

Power Supply: Seasoning 1600W Titanium

CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 7950X


RAM: G.Skill EXPO Trident Z NEO RGB 96GB dual channel kit cant remember the speed off the top of my head.

GPU: Gigabyte TUF OC 4090

Storage: M.2 Gen 4 2 TB Western Digital and Samsung 980 Pro

BIOS was up to date with current version being 1516. 

Am I doing something wrong or is ASUS quality went from top tier to AliExpress tier.