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X670e Extreme (come in you have to see this xD)

Level 9

Unlucky owner of this motherboard: x670e Extreme.. This card is not perfect, on the forum I had already written posts about Thunderbolt problems and the extreme slowness and delays when opening programs etc... Let's say resolved by removing the tick from energy saving on the Thunderbolt 1137 controller... Let's gloss over this problem that was never solved by Asus... I wanted to install the Rog Gen Z.2, to put a couple of older m.2s on this device, and I intended to put 2 m2 990pro in raid 0 on the motherboard... opening the Rog Gen Z.2 I realized of the crime! hahaha the laugh was a must, even if I was quite disappointed... look at the photo... the m2 connector is really missing, it hasn't been soldered!!! Have you checked? for curiosity....

AMD 7950x with EKWB Quantum Magnitude Flat Coldplate Direct Die | Asus x670e Extreme | Gigabyte Aorus 4090 (@ Power Limit 80 Gpu Clock 2465Mhz Boost 2780Mhz Memory 1500mhz Gpu-z Info) | 32GB G.Skill Trident Z5 NEO CL30-38-38-96 (@ CL28-36-36-36 1.35v) | 990pro 1TB x2 Raid 0 | Asus Loki 1000W Platinum | Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 240Hz Curved 32"| EKWB custom loop water cooling