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X670e Extreme Bios issues

Level 9

So I had some issues over the weekend. I was on 1602 Bios, playing some games. I had a crash, screen went black, system rebooted.
So I thought turning Memory Context Restore off could help with this issue, since I was sure it would be a memory issue due to no event was listed in the event viewer.

Bad Idea it turned out! System was not posting anymore, Q Code 14, red light on cpu.

So I did a BIOS reset and the system kind of worked agian.

I decided to go back to the older BIOS that was running fine for months, 1302.

Things turned really bad, GPU drivers were not loading until 10 seconds after the login screen, audio output was always reset etc.

Now I am on 1709, sytem working ok so far. However, the BIOS is very very laggy, keyboard and mouse.
POST takes somethimes forever.
Also, after loading optimized default settings, the RGB LED setting does not reset to stock, which I find odd...

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance