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X670E-E Strange lag problem

Level 7

Around 10-15 minutes after starting my computer from 0 power it starts to lag.

HWinfo doesnt give sensor data from the Nuvoton when lag starts.

Restart results in Qcode 00 Qled RAM.

Shutdown and manual restart results in Qcode 00 and Qled CPU.

Shutdown, turning of power, waiting till all lights are out and then repowering and starting the comp results in no more problems till the next day.

Anybody heard of a similar problem?



Hello Wieland

Lag can be caused by many things. 

Since you can only boot from a cold boot, it could be a power issue with your psu. You can check your psu rails in Hwinfo.

If your psu rails all look good, try disabling the windows fast start up, click Save changes at the bottom once unchecked.

fast start up.png


First boot of the day is a cold boot. (Maybe too cold? Motherboard getting warm maybe causing the problem?)

HWinfo doesnt show anything unusuall about the psu rails. Every value seems to be in normal range.

Fastboot is off.

Thank you,

If the lag starts 10-15 minutes after startup, check the Maximum temperature of all your components including your boot drive to rule out any thermal throttling. 

Some other things to check....

Is the psu blowing hot air?

Are you running out of system memory?

When it starts to lag, you can check event viewer to see if it gives any clues.

If nothing seems to help, reset the bios to defaults and see if it boots normally and if you still get lag.








Super Moderator

Just a couple of points to keep in mind.

HWINFO warn about potential latency brought on by the embended controller. If the system stops polling data at the time the latency occurs, you may want to make sure you're not running multiple polling tools at the same time. Close all tools that are polling the system and retest.

Checking DCP latency with tools like latencymon may also show something.

The QCODE issue indicates there may be an underlying issue, though. You may want to investigate the CPU pin pad and ensure everything is mounted correctly.

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