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X670E-E Capacitor(?) burned off overnight and computer forced shutdown - Can reboot but worried

Level 7

I'm on day 2 of my fresh rebuild with a brand new mobo, CPU, PSU, etc. Overnight I run my PC with youtube on because, unlike what you'd think, I actually sleep better. I woke up about 15 minutes before my alarm and all was well. Alarm goes off, and I find smokey odor in my room, PC is shut down, and I find this, what I believe is a Capacitor, on the bottom of my case and found it's original location. Main reason I'm posting here is even though I can reboot, I'd rather not run it as I file a claim, however, the ASUS site on mobile has been a nightmare, and I can't even get far enough in to get a phone number to call when support opens up today, let alone the site loading my registered unit list. Anyone have any info on where to contact them?

Pictures below of what I found this morning.