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X670E-E + 7900 XTX NITRO+ - GPU doesn't click inside PCIE slot

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as the title states. My friend helped me build a new PC and he was the one who seated GPU. 2 days ago I wanted to add a new SSD and had to take out GPU, when I pressed quick release button, there was no resistance when pressing it (when GPU was out, I moved clip up to locked position and tested the feel of the button).

The GPU was just in slot, not clicked in properly like I am used to. This is my first "massive" GPU and I don't know if thats normal. I have tried it myself like 12 times, the GPU just wont click and the pcie clip has moved up just about of 1/3 what its supposed to move. When I say PCIE clip, I mean this: 


Not sure what its properly called. I had only smaller cards before with much smaller clips on PCIE slots. I have googled around and people said its no big deal to not be clicked in all the way, other were saying thats potentional risk of shorting GPU/any other damage.

Does anyone here have the same combo and can tell me if there is some clearance issue? I am getting weird 1% and 0.1% fps in some games - which are now much better after 1011 bios update and setting up sole SSD just for pagefile.sys - somebody on reddit recommended me this "old trick", so would like to know if it has a point, or if its nonsense and I paid for 256 gb SSD for nothing :-ID


I am so desperate, that I am trying anything. While the GPU runs fine now, I need to make sure If those drops could be from not properly seated GPU.

Thanks everyone for any tip/response. Have a nice day.


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Dump question but have you made sure to press the Q-release button before slotting in your GPU ?

Yes I did many times. I even tested what the qrelease feels like, when the clip is UP. Then press it down. 
The GPUs pins are all the way inside, GPU works and benches good, but IT JUST DOESNT CLICK and lock :-(, and I have bad feeling about it. 

Hum. The mechanism might have been broken somehow.

Does your GPU sag ?

The mechanism seems to work fine when I take out the GPU and move the pcie clip up myself. Quick release works too. The GPU seems fully in, and I have GPU holder. Sending photo of how it looks in next reply (mobile).






Hello, I m several months late but I upgraded my motherboard from an ASUS ITX B650e-i to ASUS X670E GENE and I also RMA'D my reference 7900xtx. I am having the same issue as you described and I believe my card is not seated properly. I have tried over 10 times to reseat the card. I am getting screen flickering during gaming but I am getting outstanding FPS. I believe my issue is due to GPU not being seated correctly. Did you get the issue fixed? 

my question is. 650.00 after taxes and asus can't design a board that works the way it is intended?

same problem. and card artifacts until seated properly.


What part of the GPU is touching the motherboard? Are you also using the Sapphire GPU? 

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Hi there, I had the same problem with my X670E-E by slotting it in a 4090. What I did find out was that the card was resting on top the chipset headsink, I'm not sure about it but could not see any gap between my 4090 and the mobo. 

As you've said Nayder I've slotted it multiple times trying to figure out what was happening because it didn't click, what I've ended up doing was take a screwdriver and move the clip very delicately up with the card fully slotted in, and it clicked up, as you did, It works properly for now or so I think it is anyways.