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x670e Crosshair Hero - HDMI Monitor Issues (BIOS)

Level 8

After much work / pain, I got my new machine built.  But I'm having a weird issue.  I have a Spectrum (Dough) 4k monitor that is connected via HDMI 2.1 to my RTX 4080 FE.  Since the first boot, the computer is not detecting the monitor; at times it will wake up like it got a signal but then nothing happens.  I have a small LCD screen in my case that's connected to a DP port and realized that the BIOS screen was showing up on there.

I managed to install windows 11 and now the main monitor is up and running; BUT whenever I reboot, the post screen shows up on the little LCD, not the big monitor.

Is there something I need to change in the BIOS so that Spectrum 4k is a) detected and b) the primary display?  The monitor does have a 'compatibility' mode that I know I had to use to get into my MSI BIOS w/o weird artifacts.  But that's different than simply not detecting the monitor.

I also tried connecting the monitor to the motherboard HDMI (I have a Ryzen 7900), but didn't get a picture there either.  Any help would be appreciated. 



Level 9

To resolve the issue, you can try the following steps:

  • Force Detect Displays: In Windows, you can manually force the system to detect connected displays.
  • Check Power and Connections: Ensure that all devices, including the monitor and any intermediary devices, are powered on and connected correctly.
  • Select Correct Input: Verify that the monitor is set to the correct input source corresponding to the port used on the computer.
  • Update Drivers: Make sure that the graphics card drivers are up to date to support the monitor and connection type.

These steps should help in getting the computer to detect the Spectrum 4k monitor and set it as the primary display. If the issue persists, further troubleshooting may be required, possibly involving hardware checks or consulting with the monitor’s manufacturer for specific guidance.

It seems that the issue resolved itself soon after Windows 11 was installed.  Unclear why it happened initially at all!  Thanks for the response though.  Got a little panicky at first.