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X670E Crosshair hero hanging black screen, stuck on bios screen, lag on OS boot, sleep issues

Level 7

Let me just first say I'm a life long ASUS customer back to my days of the Prescott boards.

My x670 Hero has been very unstable since day 1. When initially booting into OS sometimes, or on resume from sleep, the system would hang briefly, on the desktop , and then start responding some time later and catch up almost like it had a queue pile up and was catching up. However resume from sleep would work most of the time if not all the time. 

I decided to check if there was a new bios and low and behold there was so i updated, to the april release, and now it does not resume from sleep, gets hung on bios spash screen, or at black screen, and rebooting or hitting reset doesnt resolve the issue unless i manually power it down and let it sit for a min in between.

then it will boot up as normal, I just tried disabling the memory context setting, and i am using a significant amount of ram.

64 gigs corsair dominator platinum


darkpower pro 1500 watt psu

bunch of samsung nvme drives


Updating to the newest bios made this worse, however, the queueing / dumping initial log in lag behavior improved, but now i cannot resume from sleep anymore the same, and it will sometimes on resume from sleep just reboot itself and stay on the splash screen without proceeding.

These behaviors were not there on the previous BIOS.

Any help would be appreciated. I have no overclocking or memory profiles enabled due to it being a pain from day 1.