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X670E Crossfire Hero Q-Code display blank after boot.

Level 9

When I first got it I noticed that as per the manual the Q-Code display would show the CPU temperature after boot. I have a large radiator partially obstructing view of the display and never used it for that but today following a display driver blue-screen induced hard shut down (it happened while waking from sleep on my hot GPU overclock profile of 1925 MHz @ 1.025V [4090 under water block] which I usually switch back to a 100% solid pedestrian profile from when not gaming. It correctly cycles through the various debug codes while booting but then turns completely blank after code 99. Today this led me to erroneously contemplating a dead CPU as there was no display (I switched the input from my PC to PS5 before the PC display driver related black-screen and erroneously concluded that there was no display as I maybe the monitor switched inputs on it's own some how) Anyhow, I have no Q-Led read-out when the board has posted and successfully loaded windows. I think the Q-Led disappears at the initial POST screen where you're given the option to enter BIOS.