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X670E-A Gaming WiFi unable to run M.2_2 NVME at 4x4 Speeds

Level 8

I've read through the other post and there is something I don’t understand.

I thought the 7000 series CPU's have 28 lanes.

4 for communication with chipset and 24 "usable lanes" for M.2 / PCIE devices

So why when I have a drive connected to M.2_2 NVME does it run both M.2_2 and PCIE_1 at half speed. (x2 and x8)?

So what’s happening to the remaining 10 lanes?



Level 8

I've raised this with Asus asking if this is a BIOS setting I'm missing.

They have advise me to RMA the board which seems a little extreme when only asking about a BIOS setting.
Not to keen to send my motherboard back and just getting it back 6 weeks later stating nothing is wrong.

Guess ASUS is off the menu for my next upgrade if they can't answer this question.

Level 8

Hi There

Cause they share the lanes. The best way to use a second M2 SSD is the ROG GEN Z2 on the slot.

This video below will be helpful i guess.

Thanks for the reply and resource sharing in the case of the Crosshair Extreme is understandable since it has 4x M.2 slots running on the CPU lanes. 

So the issue with mine is that it shows that only the top PCIE slot and M.2_1 and M.2_2 are run from the CPU. 

In the video you can see the technical data show that if M.2_2 is active it will run at half speed on the extreme, which is no the case on my boards technical data.


Level 8

You are right. Thought like you got the extreme version like me. But unless you didnt install any PCI 5.0 device on the board, i dont think the speed will effect your device.