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X670E-A Aura Lightning buggy?

Level 8


i have an X670E-A Board. After fixing some RAM Problems i have the next Problem. It's not possible to turn off the Aura Lightning of the Board when the System is off while AURA lightning is on when the System is working.

I tried it several times - if i go to BIOS -> Advanved -> Onboard Devices -> LED light and choose "Aura On" for working system and "Aura off" or "Aura Stealth" for offline/sleep setting, the AURA is completly off.. also if i turn on the PC.

If i choose "all on" in general, the mainboard lights work, but they also work when my system is offline.

It is impossible to configure it so that the lights are on when i run my PC, but off when i shutdown my PC.

Only 2 Options work - always on (also when offline) or always off.

What could i do?


Level 8


I tryed this settings, but wow.. now my Aura completly doesn't work anymore.

If i take "all on" overall or anything else, Aura / RAM etc. is not lighting anymore. Wtf?

Level 8

Well after CMOS the lights are on again.. but it's impossible to turn the lights off, when the PC is off. Even with Armory Crate it's not possible..


Try the following:

In Advanced > APM Configuration > ErP Ready > change to the option Enable (S4+S5)

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090