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ill use this thread to collect some new test bioses for the boards, maybe also to explain some less understood options

to disable cores ccd go here and choose ccd xx bit map down core.
each ones stand for an enabled core
best to disable from the back, ie:
instead of 0011000
after selection press downcore apply changes or discard if made mistake


7950x not boosting pass 5.5G -> check that CStates is not disabled
Detailed Explanation on CState Boot Limiter

Test BIOSes:

X3D OC Preset for those MB with asynch BCLK Support: (for simple slight perf boost for X3D)

DOCP/EXPO Tweaked: (for simple timings tightening)

strixe-e 1515 

strixe-f 1515 

strix e a 1515 

crosshair hero 1515 

crosshair gene 1515 

crosshair extreme 1515 

creator 670 1515

creator b650 1515

strix 650E I

strix 670 itx



for crosshair and strix e-e:

explanation of segment2 Loadline:


customize a heterogenous loadline for a dual segment workload range.

example above shows loadline=L6 when current is in range of 0~40A, and Level4 when current is above 40A.




Adds for x3d

dynamic ccd priority switch with core flex, os / driver agnostic so win10 win11 ok



Algo as follows:
If condition reached and ccd0 specified, then check current mem/cache activity > threshold and hysteresis reached, if fulfilled then switch
If condition reached and ccd1 specified, then check current mem/cache activity <=threshold and hysteresis reached,, if fulfilled then switch
Default hysteresis =4

Can combine multiple algos for ccd priority so combinations are wide

works on non x3d too but of course senseless on it. detailed explanation here.

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Does this happen every other reboot or randomly?

It was the first time after installing 1807 4 days ago.
With 1806 I had this more frequently.

This seems only to happen when I do a "cold start" of the PC (PC is shut off. no reboot)

AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D | ROG CROSSHAIR X670E EXTREME | PNY RTX 4090 XLR8 | 32GB Corsair Vengeance RGB 6000 CL30
AMD Ryzen 5700X | Asus Prime B350 Plus | Sapphire RX570 | 32GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-2666

Level 7

new bios beta for b650 with agesa 1101 is good for me. i can go higher with my ram but i know this is not optimal 12-18-2023-23-08-23.png

Level 8

Any way to change the huge "Please press DEL or F2 to enter UEFI BIOS setting" font size on BIOS 1807?

Level 7

I have the x670e tuf Gaming Plus and when I try and update to 2204 or the previous Beta the PC wont post.

It runs through and stops at the White LED - no bios logo and no keyboard.

CMOS jumper has no affect.

I have to flashback to current non beta to get back running

I reset to defaults first.

Graphic card is 7900xtx

Level 9

I'm on 1807 from 12/15 on my ProArt x670E, and while it's stable and seems to be working fine, 2/4 of my fan headers are no longer getting an LED signal.

The fan component of those headers is thankfully working fine... only the RGB LEDs are the problem. 

I installed the Armoury Crate to see if I could get them working, but none of the settings seem to affect them. 

Level 9

Hello, finally had time to upgrade the BIOS today and set up new profile.
I see that the latency has dropped now to 65ns, where as I was at 78.6S some bios verisons ago.


Level 9

BTW: I had 78ns, then 68ns in the previous beta bios and now 65ns.
Settings are broadly the same: 2000 MHz FCLK, ram at 8000 Mhz.

I did however turn off memory context restore and some other settings in the bios that may improve training(?).
Other than that, I now run load line calibration at 5 and level 2 at level 4. PBO activated, not very much other settings. It seems to work very good. I have done scanning of memory for errors for several hours. Also have done some scanning in WIndows.

But in my experience, if you have memory issues I have some games that often crash... Like Fortnite..

With 1807, Windows runs fine, but Linux (my primary OS) has no display output. I'm able to connect over the network. 1709 and 1802 work fine with Linux (never tried 1806).

1709 broke FreeBSD (which I use for testing), I get display output, but USB and network do not work. Same with 1802. Interestingly, 1807 has working USB with FreeBSD, but still no network. Wish I could rollback to 1709.

My system:
AMD 7950x
Asus Crosshair x670 Extreme
64GB of g.skill  F5-6000J3038F16G memory (2 dimms total)
3x NVME drives.

Level 10

Bios 1807 definitely has problems with RGB devices too.

In the Corsair H150i cooling system, once this new bios (and also the previous 1806) was loaded, the fans connected to the Core Commander controller basically turned red colored, as did the ring around the display.
To fix the problem I had to ask Corsair for a replacement of the controller under warranty (and for the moment the problem seems solved).

In the Logitech G560 speaker system, however, every now and then the left speaker loses RGB synchronization and begins to cycle all colors, while the right one presents no problems.
Some time ago, for this issue, I had the speaker system replaced by Logitech under warranty, but now I understand that it was probably just the same problem of an old Asus bios which had then been fixed in subsequent versions, but which has now presented AGAIN in version 1807.

The Asus bios are really too problematic, if not downright HARMFUL for the other peripherals connected to the PC.