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X670 resource


ill use this thread to collect some new test bioses for the boards, maybe also to explain some less understood options

to disable cores ccd go here and choose ccd xx bit map down core.
each ones stand for an enabled core
best to disable from the back, ie:
instead of 0011000
after selection press downcore apply changes or discard if made mistake


7950x not boosting pass 5.5G -> check that CStates is not disabled
Detailed Explanation on CState Boot Limiter

Test BIOSes:

X3D OC Preset for those MB with asynch BCLK Support: (for simple slight perf boost for X3D)

DOCP/EXPO Tweaked: (for simple timings tightening)

strixe-e 1515 

strixe-f 1515 

strix e a 1515 

crosshair hero 1515 

crosshair gene 1515 

crosshair extreme 1515 

creator 670 1515

creator b650 1515

strix 650E I

strix 670 itx



for crosshair and strix e-e:

explanation of segment2 Loadline:


customize a heterogenous loadline for a dual segment workload range.

example above shows loadline=L6 when current is in range of 0~40A, and Level4 when current is above 40A.




Adds for x3d

dynamic ccd priority switch with core flex, os / driver agnostic so win10 win11 ok



Algo as follows:
If condition reached and ccd0 specified, then check current mem/cache activity > threshold and hysteresis reached, if fulfilled then switch
If condition reached and ccd1 specified, then check current mem/cache activity <=threshold and hysteresis reached,, if fulfilled then switch
Default hysteresis =4

Can combine multiple algos for ccd priority so combinations are wide

works on non x3d too but of course senseless on it. detailed explanation here.

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Just chill, you're the angry kid here 😅

So still nothing to add to the topic but "insults"?

( Last one being "nope, not me, you!" , furthering my "kindergarten" theory ^^ )

Level 11

On the side of boot times, I have swapped 7950X3D for another 7950X3D (SP went up from 109 to 117). Cold Start to Windows in 16 seconds (EXPO, MCR, PBO all on) on 1415. 

Question for the rest of the group. OC menu has certain OC Profiles available (X3D and gaming) that boost base clock to 4.33. 

Has anyone tested if voltages are still in check long term? Different workloads data would have been helpful. 

Level 12

I'm with DDavid, CO-curve + async eclk is the way, other than that keep temps low, keep unnecessary voltages low and necessary high and some PBO slight tweaking is what is left.

Oh, and off course memory OC, it's the main OC with Zen 4 for a minimal performance uplift

I'm for tweaking down voltages, set temp limit and ppt limit to be able to not need a custom loop and keep nice and quiet for 24/7 usage

R9 7950X - ASUS X670E Crosshair Extreme (bios 0803) - 32GB HyperX Fury Beast @6200c32 - Corsair H150i Pro - ASUS RTX3080 TUF OC V2 - Phanteks P400A - Corsair RM850 - WD SN850

Level 7

1415 is very unstable for me, 1410 beta was the most stable ive used. Seems like the 1415 doesn't like any kind of manual voltage settings. 1415 wouldn't post with same settings as 1410, so i reverted and setup all of my settings and am back to 30-38-38-68 6200 1.4vram/soc1.3/

I've been running SOC at 1.1V and VDDIO 1.1V before CPU started exploding and never had problem booting with any bios version was stable on 1202 and currently at 1415 and still stable so far (1 day of gaming use).

I run gskill 6000MHz CL 30 XMP on 1.1V SOC and undervolted RAM from 1.4V to 1.35V. Maybe I'm just lucky SOC owner?

Level 9

Are the 4 stick sets like this (CORSAIR Vengeance RGB 192GB (4 x 48GB) 288-Pin PC RAM DDR5 5200 (PC5 41600) Desktop Memory Model CMK...) supposed to be working at the declared speed? Otherwise it's just nothing but false advertizing?

"Intel XMP", they may run at advertised speed on an Intel rig, doesn't say anything about AMD

R9 7950X - ASUS X670E Crosshair Extreme (bios 0803) - 32GB HyperX Fury Beast @6200c32 - Corsair H150i Pro - ASUS RTX3080 TUF OC V2 - Phanteks P400A - Corsair RM850 - WD SN850

These are validated on Intel platform given they show for XMP and not EXPO. You could probably get them to work with the latest Bios that support high density ram kits. 

Seems like someone on reddit done some testing and found EXPO to work but needed some voltage boost.

Level1Tech just posted a video today about high density kits on Ryzen, maybe worth a watch. 


That’s my thread over on Reddit.

The key to success has been the 1003 BIOS, the DOCP1 profile also limits SoC voltage to 1.2V.