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ill use this thread to collect some new test bioses for the boards, maybe also to explain some less understood options

to disable cores ccd go here and choose ccd xx bit map down core.
each ones stand for an enabled core
best to disable from the back, ie:
instead of 0011000
after selection press downcore apply changes or discard if made mistake


7950x not boosting pass 5.5G -> check that CStates is not disabled
Detailed Explanation on CState Boot Limiter

Test BIOSes:

X3D OC Preset for those MB with asynch BCLK Support: (for simple slight perf boost for X3D)

DOCP/EXPO Tweaked: (for simple timings tightening)

strixe-e 1515 

strixe-f 1515 

strix e a 1515 

crosshair hero 1515 

crosshair gene 1515 

crosshair extreme 1515 

creator 670 1515

creator b650 1515

strix 650E I

strix 670 itx



for crosshair and strix e-e:

explanation of segment2 Loadline:


customize a heterogenous loadline for a dual segment workload range.

example above shows loadline=L6 when current is in range of 0~40A, and Level4 when current is above 40A.




Adds for x3d

dynamic ccd priority switch with core flex, os / driver agnostic so win10 win11 ok



Algo as follows:
If condition reached and ccd0 specified, then check current mem/cache activity > threshold and hysteresis reached, if fulfilled then switch
If condition reached and ccd1 specified, then check current mem/cache activity <=threshold and hysteresis reached,, if fulfilled then switch
Default hysteresis =4

Can combine multiple algos for ccd priority so combinations are wide

works on non x3d too but of course senseless on it. detailed explanation here.

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@nunorelvao wrote:

Ok trying to help , since you are aware and already excluded this scenario, just a few questions to try and maybe find the root cause:

1 - Did you update the chipset drivers with latest?

Chipset (installed yesterday) i also had the erros with

2 - Are GPU drivers well installed (maybe uninstall , full reboot, then reinstall, full reboot again before any test)

installed with DDU - 531.41 / . 68  - same errors

3- Did you tried to actually kick in other software , games etc, to check is the same scenario?


4- If using windows 11 did you set "Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling" On? should be!

its on

5 - In Bios is REBAR on? should be!

rBar activated

6 - If nothing of this works (or already tried all) - suggest boot to bios , load all defaults, set just your EXPO profile , set CPU VSOC to 1.25v nothing more! and check again!

i set in manually on 1.25V - same errors

7 - All failing either revert to previous BIOS working or reflash BIOS with full reset settings!

Hope it helps! If not well ... tried--- 

Clarification, i am running bios 1004, not latest 1101 or whatever is the latest now , because i also had a lot of issues lately with BIOS updates , se my posts before!

AMD/ASUS X670 boards have been a hit and miss lately full of issues , don't know who is in fault here and don't care ASUS is the vendor needs to step up and solve all this! Otherwise my only final advice is just keep you most stable BIOS until good news starts to happen!

Thx for help - i tried all these things. as long as i activate Memory Context Restore and Power Down Enable i get errors in Karhu. 

Now im running Karhu since 30 Min and i have 0 Errors with 1101, Soc 1.25V, MCR PD = Auto

I havent restartet my PC often yet, so i cant say it changes the PCIE not running on 16x1.1 behaviour

From my point of view MCR and PD on Enabled are causing all the issues on 925, 1004, 1101

Level 9

Does 1101 BIOS have support for HD RAM modules like 1003?

I think, HD RAM modules will be supported officially by AGESA upwards. 1003 was just a public test, which hasn't  AMD's permission to be released to the public.

Level 7

What is HD RAM? 32GB sticks?

i think what he meant is high density RAM (24gb per piece RAM)

But 32GB stick is not and 24GB is? Where's logic in that? 32GB > 24GB

Level 9

24/48GB modules can now be purchased in kits of 96/196GB respectively and are classified as high-density RAM as a result.

32GB modules can be 64GB kit or 128GB (2 kits) RAM and that is not HD RAM?

I heard that zen 5 can't work with 4 modules at high transfer rates above like 4800MT/s

But that's the thing, 128GB is two kits. Not one.

I am currently running 196GB 5200Mhz (stable) on my 7950X

Level 7

I'd love to have some 128GB 6000Mhz  CL30 AMD EXPO ram kit for 7950X3D