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X670 resource


ill use this thread to collect some new test bioses for the boards, maybe also to explain some less understood options

to disable cores ccd go here and choose ccd xx bit map down core.
each ones stand for an enabled core
best to disable from the back, ie:
instead of 0011000
after selection press downcore apply changes or discard if made mistake


7950x not boosting pass 5.5G -> check that CStates is not disabled
Detailed Explanation on CState Boot Limiter

Test BIOSes:

X3D OC Preset for those MB with asynch BCLK Support: (for simple slight perf boost for X3D)

DOCP/EXPO Tweaked: (for simple timings tightening)

strixe-e 1515 

strixe-f 1515 

strix e a 1515 

crosshair hero 1515 

crosshair gene 1515 

crosshair extreme 1515 

creator 670 1515

creator b650 1515

strix 650E I

strix 670 itx



for crosshair and strix e-e:

explanation of segment2 Loadline:


customize a heterogenous loadline for a dual segment workload range.

example above shows loadline=L6 when current is in range of 0~40A, and Level4 when current is above 40A.




Adds for x3d

dynamic ccd priority switch with core flex, os / driver agnostic so win10 win11 ok



Algo as follows:
If condition reached and ccd0 specified, then check current mem/cache activity > threshold and hysteresis reached, if fulfilled then switch
If condition reached and ccd1 specified, then check current mem/cache activity <=threshold and hysteresis reached,, if fulfilled then switch
Default hysteresis =4

Can combine multiple algos for ccd priority so combinations are wide

works on non x3d too but of course senseless on it. detailed explanation here.

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Level 8

anyone have problem with nvme read write capped at 6500/6300, i just bough new samsung 990 pro 1tb but when i test with crytaldiskmark, it capped at 6500 for read and 6300 for write. Is this problem come from bios itself or because pcie x4 on am5 only 4 lanes?

nope, my solidigm runs fine at ~7400/6500

which socket did you installed the ssd? on number 3 and 4?

That depends, I have 3x Samsung 990 Pro on the X670E-Extreme.
One only reaches the speeds you describe. and thats the one connected to the chipset.
The others reach 7400 easily.  
The speed on the chipset is to be expected to be lower as its shared among other resources and more latency

hmm, which mean i should not plugged it on socket 3 and 4 right? I'm supposed to plug it on socker 1 or 2 ? the one with PCIe 5 support?

thats where i have mine yes

Hello, I am troubleshooting some micro stuttering while playing games on my X670e-e,7800x3D,7900 xtx, Gskill 6k cl30 and samsung 980 pro evo. As I have tried everything with no result (games still drop to really low 1% and 0.1% fps). I have SSD installed in slot above GPU, near CPU socket - in manual its named M_2_1(SOCKET3). If i understand correctly, this slot have slower speed and higher latency? Should I put it into another m5 slot - M_2_2 or M_2_3 for example? Thanks for reply!

I have the same mobo and have no issues. I think you have to be careful which pcie lanes you use as one shares lanes with the x16 slot and will make it run at x8. That should not cripple your system like that though. 

Level 9

Is there a chance for a setting to actually disable the AI tuner for CPUs so that it doesn't override the manual settings set in the bios?

Cpu: 7950X (Voltage Ceiling Locked at 1.3 Volts - No Longer PBO Tuned As Can No Longer Boot With Such Settings Due To Sheeetty ASUS AI Tuner Killing The CPU Slowly| Ram: Kingston Fury Beast DDR5 32GB 6000MT/s CL32 (Undervolted Motherboard SK Hynix Profile 1.35 <-- No Longer Possible Because of Sheeetty ASUS AI Tuner Killing The CPU Slowly Now At Stock Settings) | Motherboard: Crosshair X670E Crosshair Hero | Case: Cooler Master H500M | Cooling: Arctic 360 Liquid Freezer 2 | GPU: Sapphire Nitro+ 7900XTX |

Level 8
Hello I have a 670E-A with a 7800X3D.

I don't have the bios option BCLK 1 and 2.
The X3DOC profile is also missing on the 1004 Bios.

Is there another update coming so that I can set the BLCK or load the X3D OC profile?