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X670 Extreme - Memory Test : Bios code 99

Level 8
My system is successfully going through all the POST steps, as displayed by the LED screen on the board. It goes through CPU/Memory/VGA/HDD checks and then it returns back to "Memory Test" with POST code 99 and just sits there forever. I've tried everything from removing every single peripheral/usb connection, all but a single stick of ram and it still stays there. Can someone please provide some guidance?

Level 7
Code 99 doesn't seem to have changed so it's drive related. This is from a different gen of Crosshair motherboard but it should still apply since it's the same error.

"Super IO Initialization or Qcode 99 error with your boot device led ON would indicate there is a problem with the HDD or another device connected to the MB that is not being recognized in Bios or is malfunctioning.
I recommend you check all connections and cabling to your HDD and run CHKDSK on the HDD in another system. Better still, Get an SSD drive for faster boot times and keep the HDD as a slave for storage of programs. Well worth the investment.
Reset CMOS to default and update Bios to latest version (if not already) via ROG connect port on your IO panel.
You can gain access to Bios via the Direct Key button on the MB. (after update).

Level 8
I think there's something wrong with my monitor. It's an MSI MPG321UR-QD. It does not get a signal from the video card during boot, at all. I hooked up my old monitor (a 60hz monitor) and it gets a signal just fine.

When the 99 code was on the board, everything was okay. There was a prompt on screen about fTPM that required a hit of F1 for the first time booting up. I had to go through all my BIOS setup and whatnot with my old monitor. Everything is good now but I still can't get BIOS/POST screen from my MSI monitor.

On that unrelated subject- any idea why my 4k 144hz MSI monitor doesn't get a signal when the computer is in BIOS?

Had the same. Thanks for the hint! Was about to dismantle it all.

Did you ever figure it out why?