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X670 Extreme - In sleep mode, it randomly start memory test and stucks.

Level 9

Hi everyone, I am facing a problem in which my computer enters memory test mode randomly in sleep mode. And operation system is windows 11, and the memory is GSKILL 32*2 6000 C30.

Here is one situation:

1. When I use my monitor with other devices (Mac, ns switch, etc.), my PC will sleep mode after 15 mins to save energy.

2. When I switch to my computer, the motherboard shows the PC is in memory test mode and stocks. Following Resetting or closing the Windows systems to restart, the system will also be stuck in the memory test.

3. The only method is to close the computer after 30s then turn off the power.

4. Turn on the computer will enter the system without a memory test.

This problem is really awful, and I got no idea. Is there anyone facing similar problems? Thanks a lot.

#x670e extreme # sleep mode