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x670-e a Full Loss of Bios

Level 7

I have a new build that's been perfect for 2 months,  AMD 7950x, x670-e a, 32GB (2x16) Triden Z5 6000mhz.

Stripped down Windows 11 tweaked for audio production. Undervolted (neg. 20 all core) and thermal throttled at max 85c.

Expo II with 6000mhz RAM.

System has been perfect until yesterday when it wouldn't boot.

Powered up, nothing but fans.

Couldn't boot to bios, from an emergency flash drive. Black screen with fans on high.

Replaced PSU, no change.

Finally, changed battery and cleared CMOS and was able to enter bios which I updated to 1709 (saw horror stories about 1807 so staying with 1709 for now).

It was working fine, and then it wasn't.

My system is on an isolated 20 amp AC line with UPS, and when I'm not working the whole AC system is turned off.

Can anyone suggest what might have happened and how I can avoid it going forward?