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Which chipset driver for 7950x3d on x670e-e gaming?

Level 7

Hi there, hello.

I just became owner of a Strix X670E-E Gaming. Using Ryzen 9 7950x3d.

Thinking about chipset drivers, I see that Armoury Crate offers But AMD itself offers which is almost two months older. How can this be? For now, I've installed the driver from the Armoury Crate. (probably the same that can be downloaded from the mainboard-support page)
I'm not big on Overclocking, i.e. I'm not intending to go beyond choosing some EXPO profiles in BIOS.
Then I went for enery settings in Windows 11 pro. From my previous Ryzen Experience, I miss a Ryzen Energy Plan.
My questions:
RE Energy Plan - am I mixing things up and this usually comes with Ryzen Master? Should I install Ryzen Master?
Which chipset driver should I install and why is ASUS' driver newer than the one from the AMD page? What did I miss?

Level 14

AMD gives their partners access to non-public drivers.  Given the lack of a comprehensive set of release notes, we have to assume that ASUS decided that there were features in 5.03 which were worth releasing it for their boards.  Use the ASUS version when it's newer, unless you have a really good reason to use AMD's older public release, as it may well have something which is important for your ASUS board / BIOS.  I really wish ASUS would do proper comprehensive release notes on everything, but c'est la vie.

Ryzen Energy Plan (or was it Ryzen Power Plan, I can't remember) hasn't been a thing in the Windows power options since 3000 series (maybe also 4000 series).  It went away with 5000 series, being rolled into the standard balanced and high performance plans; just install the full AMD chipset drivers package and use the standard power plans.

Thanks Murph_9000! Makes sense. Especially the power plan thing. I'm coming from Ryzen 5 2600X where this was still a thing.

I'll keep an eye out for version differences and choose accordingly.