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Unplugging/Or taking the power out of the motherboard causes boot loop

Level 7

Hi All,

In recently upgraded a PC to AMD Ryzen 7950X3D and also used 'Asus TUF Gaming X670E Plus WiFi' motherboard in the process with 'GSkill Z5 Neo 6000 Mhz' RAM set (2 X16 GB).

Whenever I enable 'Precision Bost Overide' and 'EXPO II' or 'EXPO I' in the profile along with 'Memory Context Restore' & 'Power Down Enable' to Enabled the PC performs really well.

But when I switch off the PSU which eventually kills the power to the Motherboard, on the subsequent boot it actually puts WIndows 11 in a boot loop which never ends (reboots on the circle loading animation every time). I had to reset the CMOS (I permanently installed a power switch and let it hang out of the PC Casing so that I could test different BIOSes).

I test it with 2413, 2412 and 2214 where the results are the same.

With Optimized defaults, the problem isn't occuring but with the OC settings enabled I face the boot loop issue always.

P.S: I need to remove the power from the mainboard as my kiddos need a dark room for them to sleep.

Please let me know on a viable solution (or) else suggest me if this does have to go through RMA for a better motherboard.



Level 7

Try bios version 1618.

All bioses ive testede after that one breakes stuff!