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Understanding the memory QVL list

Level 7

I'm trying to interpret the QVL list to determine whether it's now supported to run 128GB DDR5 on my Crosshair X670E Hero (continuing on my quest to resolve the issues I posted about previously).  There seem to be several 4x32GB kits on the list now, but I'm finding a few things confusing.

(I tried to post an image of the QVL table here but the post got marked as spam)

First, what does the "socket support" column mean?  What does "1,2" mean in the context of a four-stick set of memory?

Second, I see that all kits say XMP is supported by not EXPO. Isn't XMP an Intel only technology and therefore irrelevant to an AMD board like this one?  Even if EXPO isn't supported, does being on the QVL list mean the kit is still certified stable at 4800MHz?