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Un-documented Q-Codes

Level 9


Several times, when my machione fails to boot I get Q-Codes. I look them up, and there are not documented. I downloaded the latest User Manual from the ROG site, and they are definetly not in there.

Two of the codes I would like to know are 



Also why is the Manual not updated with all codes ? What's the point in having the codes if there is no information you can gleem from them ?


Level 14

If it passes POST and starts to boot Windows, but Windows fails for some reason, those are likely to be CPU temperature rather than Q-codes.  You don't get Q-codes for Windows problems, only POST/BIOS problems that prevent you getting as far as Windows (plus the normal cycling through them as POST runs and the hardware is initialised prior to handing control over to Windows).

Ok thanks for the answer, so anything around temperature and its probably that being displayed - which temp would it be - cpu/package/SoC/Motherboard ? I have seen other codes that are not in the code list and not in the 30s/40s I'll post them on here if they re-appear.

On Crosshair X570 boards, it displays CPU temperature (not package).  It may vary on other platforms, although probably just CPU temperature on all.  Not just 30s/40s, you may see 50s/60s/70s/80s/etc when the CPU is under load, depending on your CPU and cooler.

If your system is getting as far as the Windows boot sequence, you can pretty much completely ignore Q-codes.  They are really only useful to tell you what POST is currently doing and where it failed, before you get video output.