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TUF x670e-plus - worst MB ever ?

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Hello everyone, I'm 41 years old and I've been in IT since I was 9...

Which is to say, I've done a few setups.
Only once have I had a problem with the compatibility of a ddr kit with a mb.

I went back to Asus for stability and bios.
I switched from a 7800X to a 7900X3D / x670e.

I mounted the kit I had, a Gskill Trident Z5 RGB - 16x2 - 6400 - CL32. No boot, nothing. Whether in "manual", "expo I", "expo II"...

I managed to run it at "5800", with continuous voltage for each chip and 1.42v.
Below that, everything memtest, prime95 comes out with errors...

Yesterday I bought a DDR5 CORSAIR DOMINATOR 6600 - 16x4 - CL32 - CMT64GX5M4B6600C32 kit.

It's even worse!
It only runs at 5200.

So I know that in the cpu die at the memory controller level the bus is at 5200 for 64-128. But on any motherboard you can OC your kit and run it at XMP speed.

What's going on with this MB?
As for PBO/PBO2, the results are very random.
The SoC is supposedly "clamped" at 1.3v since several bios builds. This is not true. If I don't set it manually, it takes 1.32-1.34v. I have a seasonic platinum in 1050w.


Level 9

Prior to the last bios update, it would be hard to get above 6200 and impossible to get above 6400.  I was never able ot get Expo to work but no issues setting my memory manually (which as a OG computer guy, you should know will be better perf vs expo anyway).  Follow Buildzoids guide for Hynix or Samsung and should work. Note you do not want to get above 6400 anyway since you want to stay 1:1 so  a 6000 kit with good CL timing is all that is needed this gen.

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As above, 6600 1:1 is going to be tough, especially in 4 DIMM configuration. Purchase a memory kit that's present on the motherboard QVL (tuning may still be required depending on the frequency). 6000MT is the sweet spot on AM5.

Regarding VSOC, it is capped at 1.3v. If you're seeing more, you're either looking in the wrong place, or it's a polling error. Use HWInfo and look for SVI3 telemetry.

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