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TUF x670e-PLUS - Sound problems for 5.1 system

Level 9

Hi all,

New to the forum, so hey hey.

I have built my new rig a couple of days ago and have been fighting to the end to resolve the issue but no luck 😞 Any suggestions and help will be appreciated.

1. The system works nicely, very stable, no issues with the build.

2. I have an analogue 5.1 system, plugs in via Green, Black and Orange outputs in the audio jacks.

2.1. In the old build this same setup worked flawlessly.

3. Installed fresh Win 11. Got the drivers going from the motherboard website. Control panel is working. Configured for 5.1. Tested each component, everything is responding and working. Try a youtube video and.....only front speakers are working.

4. Now I remember from the older system that speaker fill/ stereo upmix was the way to let the system complete the 5.1 environment for sources that were only stereo. Unfortunately, I could not find this setting anywhere, not in windows and not in control panel for realtek. 

5. I've tried multiple drivers, even rolled back to windows realtek drivers, the speaker fill showed up but had 0 impact on the sound, still only right and left.

6. I've tried the Realtek Audio Drivers (UAD - ASUS TUF/PRIME DTS AP) from the forum. Same problem. I can do the tests just fine in the configuration and control panel but playing sound anywhere else, the stereo source is not getting upmixxed., so still only right and left front.


Surely I am not the only one with this problem and there must be a solution. Genuinely thought this was going to be an amazing experience but based on what I have read on the interwebs....dedicated sound card incoming?

Thank you


Level 9

Any thoughts from anyone?