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TUF X670E Plus "USB Hub failed to reset"

Level 8

I've got a USB2 bracket hooked up to two of the USB port headers on this board, and have an intermittent fault, usually happens on first boot if the PC has been off for a while, and a reboot makes it go away. The problem is one of the USB hubs (the one with my Lindy USB soundcard, and Blue Yeti mic attached) fails on boot with a code 43 The USB hub failed to reset. Rebooting the computer usually makes it go away. It's always the same port, I don't seem to have these issues on other ports.

OS: Win11 22H2 22621.2283 (september 2023 security updates)

Other hardware: Gainward RTX 4080 Phantom, 32GB Ram (on QVL) Old WD Black PCI 3 SSD. No overclocking

I'm running the latest AMD chipset drivers: but the USB hubs seem to be running standard Microsoft drivers anyway v10.0.22621.2215

Any ideas?



Level 8

Forgot to add I'm on BIOS 1654, and it happens on first boot after a shutdown. I think it may be related to me enabling the option to disable charging in S4/S5 but I want to keep that enabled so that all my stuff doesn't stay powered up overnight as it's annoying having LEDs on