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TUF WIFI Plus. Sometimes stuck on UEFI "Press DEL" screen without posibility of doing anything

Level 8

Hello, I'm a guy with a previous problem, described here:

That problem is more or less "resolved" but I'm linking for the context and spec. It's the same PC, but with CPU replaced for another 7600X and updated BIOS to 1222.

New problem: Sometimes, not every time, I'm stuck on the "Press DEL or F2" to enter BIOS screen. It doesn't happen all the time. Most often after a long gaming session with a noticable pause for the next boot, but I have not noticed any specific pattern.

I'm unable to press anything on that screen. DEL nor F2 works. Only power button restart works, which boots Windows 10 correctly after that hickup.

I reinstalled whole system beforehand and I fiddled a little bit with USB devices connected to the PC, but no dice. I only have one boot option, which is my M.2 drive and there is no other bootable drive connected or recognized.

Any ideas what to look for? Wait for new BIOS or something? Anybody else with this problem?



Level 8

Update: Issue isn't fixed but I did try several options and theories so I can cross them out. The biggest suspect was the FastBoot option in Windows, since I've found some logs in Event Viewer that listed an error code. However, disabling Fast Boot didn't help and I can also see that *sometimes* there are no logs after failed boot. That means that any error code from failed fast boot needed to came from the 2nd start.

I also tried re-arranging USB devices connected to my PC and unpowering a secondary SATA SSD. No dice.

I did just cleared CMOS and I will report what is happening later if I reproduce the issue. I'm also waiting for the new non-beta version of BIOS, wanting to use it as one of the options. Currently I do have 1222.

If you have any more ideas, please help.