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TUF GAMING B650M-PLUS WIFI: Audio Speaker Fill missing

Level 7


So I bought this MOBO, especially because it supports 5.1 and 7.1 Surround Sound.

Thing is, the Speaker Fill feature is missing on the Windows 11 generic driver. So I tried the Realtek driver provided by the Armoury Create software but the Speaker Fill option is also missing from the Realtek Audio Control application (see screenshots below, in french).

After some research, it seems I am not the only one having that issue. How come a motherboard natively supporting 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound (as per the spec) misses such an important feature? Does someone have find a solution for Windows 11?

On my old P8B75-M LE, not only I was able to do jack retasking to support 5.1 but also the speaker fill feature was supported (even on Windows 10).

Realtek Audio Control 1.pngRealtek Audio Control 2.png


Lol. I am the author of the post and never marked the post of Olavo as the accepted solution. I just unmarked it, maybe it was made by the mods. I agree with you it is so frustrating.

In my case, I ended up buying a cheaper Gygabite motherboard for 100€ less. No coil whine. And speaker fill is supported through the Realtek Audio Console.

So yeah, Asus missed somehting here. Good hardware maybe, but ******ty software for now.

It's a lack of attention to detail, Asus used to be the ******, but its starting to look like their slowly sliding into producing just ******.  This will be my last Asus MB if it isn't resolved not spending $500 on top tier Motherboards missing basic functionality due to piss poor drivers.

Just return it if you still are in the return window. It takes some effort (CPU removal) but you can find a way cheaper motherboard supporting speaker fill (Gigabyte or MSI). No need for five output jacks if the mobo supports jack retasking. I don't think Asus will implement speaker fill soon enough.  There are been multiple messages about it, without a real answer.

I reached out to Gamernexus and Linus today hoping maybe they will do a spot on it to stir up interest in getting this fixed.

Can't return it months past that, support was able to string me along pretending they would actually do something about it.  We are just asking for Speaker Fill, it can't be that difficult.

speaker fill.jpg

Level 8

I too cant return the motherboard, but it really shouldnt be the only solution to a problem like this. It seems like before you buy anything you must search forums and other reviews for hours or possibly days about all the feature you would like to use in your hardware, especially the motherboard (and since 1.3VSoC limit is in place, my EXPO guaranteed to work, we did all the carefull research for compatibility lies memory kit is not stable on 6000CL30...) but this is absurd, no one has enough time for that and since AM5 is relatively new theres just simply not enough info on the web. But still this problem shouldnt be present at all, or if it does Asus should have fixed it or at least say something like it wont happen, or we are working on it. But theres absolutely no info, full silence, you bought the motherboard, you suffer, your money is theirs, and your soul...


The glory days are over for sure.

Level 7

Speaker Fill is a Microsoft thing. The audio drivers must support it for speaker fill to be available work.

Now guess what Realtek did? They removed speaker fill support from their drivers.

It doesn't matter what audio software you install, if the audio drivers you have installed don't support speaker fill, then no speaker fill for you.

I discovered this 2 years ago (after much searching/installing/uninstalling/rebooting) when I bought this motherboard and installed the latest drivers.

The reason why Realtek did this that I read, was that the market had shifted towards 5.1/7.1 surround headphones. Don't know how true this is, but whatever the reason, removing support was just a bad idea. 😞