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Troubling Freezing Problems While Gaming

Level 7

Hey guys, so I recently got into the AM5 ecosystem, and I went with a B650-PlUS WiFi board. Paired it up with a 7800X3D and some G.SKILL Flare X5 6000 MHz sticks. However, I've had 3-4 hard freezes in the past few days, and it's always during resource intensive gaming. And by freeze I mean the whole system freezes up and reboots itself. Any ideas to what might be happening?


Level 7


It sounds like you're experiencing stability issues with your system. These hard freezes during intensive gaming could be caused by several factors like overheating, power supply issues, or driver conflicts. First, check your system's temperatures to ensure it's not overheating. Then, ensure your power supply is adequate for your components, especially the 7800X3D. Also, update your BIOS and drivers, as AM5 is a relatively new platform and might need the latest updates for stability. If the problem persists, consider running a memory test to check your RAM's stability. Good luck!