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Strix B650E-E: Windows laggy with System Interrupts only on boot after BIOS menu

Level 7

Dear Asus Team, I have a very strange phenomenon with my new Strix B650E-E board paired with a 7800X3D, which has cost me many hours of analysis:

When I make changes in the BIOS, save and Windows has booted, the system interrupts process on 2 cores runs at 100% and the system is super laggy.

If I then briefly switch to sleep (energy saving) mode and directly wake up again, the problem is gone. On normal reboots and cold boots the problem does not exist either. Only at the one start after I was in the BIOS menu...

I have tested the following:

BIOS 1409, 1413 and 1414
CMOS Clear
All onboard devices switched off (incl. Audio, LAN, SATA etc.)
Unhooked all peripherals
Tested other RAM
Loaded with BIOS System Defaults
M2 SSD tested, SATA SSD tested
Fresh, completely naked Windows installation (without drivers and programs)

I have no idea how to solve this. It seems like a bug, when after the BIOS menu the pc was not power cycled.





Level 8

Hey, I experienced the exact same issue as you with an X670E Hero and 7800X3D. The way I stopped the system freezing was installing MSI Utility V3 and setting the High Definition Audio Controllers and the GPU to MSI mode and high priority. Seems to have fixed the freezes in Windows after changing BIOS settings but system interrupts still seems to be an issue when playing games. Not sure if the board or the CPU is faulty.

Level 7

Hi, thanks. I will have a look at that utility, but it's a strange fix.

However, when you play games after a full reboot (without going into BIOS) you also have issues with system interrupts? Because my system runs with no issues at all, when I not was in BIOS.

I only seem to get System Interrupts on the first boot after changing settings in the BIOS along with extremely high latency. If I restart the system or disable the High Definition Audio Controller in Device Manager under System Devices then the issues go away. I'm thinking about doing an RMA for the Motherboard and CPU as my system temps are also through the roof compared to others with the same AIO cooler as me. I reach 80-85C when playing PUBG. I regret buying this hardware rn. The only thing that was worth the asking price imo is the Strix 4090. The rest I wouldn't mind binning it.