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Strix B650E-E Gaming WiFi Distorted Audio from Rear Panel when Front Panel Headphones In

Level 7

I'm using an ASUS ROG Strix B650E-E Gaming WiFi w/ AMD 7800x3D on Win 10.  When headphones are plugged in (and audio device set to Headphones (front panel)) not only does audio play through the headphones (clear) but also come out through the speakers at a slightly lower volume but very distorted. 

My audio setup is front speakers and a subwoofer connected on the rear I/O panel, and headphones on the front panel.  Before ever using the front audio jack I had the default Windows USB audio drivers (no Realtek) w/ Equalizer APO for EQ running perfectly.  Removing Equalizer APO and installing the Realtek drivers specific to the MB has not resolved the issue.  I haven't seen/yet found a single similar issue reported here or Google.

I've also tested adjusting all device settings in control panel>sounds and updating to the latest BIOS.

Why is my rear I/O panel sending distorted sound when I have the playback device set to the front panel?