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So many problems with Hero 670E

Level 8

At the moment I am running it using CPU Graphics via HDMI.  I have had it sitting in the case unused for the last 4 months because I just was so down and I moved the GPU to the old PC and that worked and its working ok  so have left this alone. 

So lets start with one problem and if I can get that fixed

I have updated to the latest BIOS 415 and reinstalled Win11. When I was reinstalling Win11 it wanted to connect to the internet and I used my wi-fi router ( it showed the account and I entered the password ) and it worked and everything installed.  

Now I cant recall the order in what happened but I lost my wireless connection. Nothing shows. I have disconnected another device and am using its CAT cable to connect via ethernet. Have updated Windows and have tried installed the DRV_WiFi_Intel_TP_W11_64_V2219004_20230130R but it doesnt seem to install.

I have 2 items in my Device Manager that show as no drivers and I have tried updating them with no success. So my first thing to do is get the wireless is turned on in the BIOS , its connected correctly with the antenna but it wont work. So any suggestions?


 Screenshot (1).png


Level 8

Well the forum feels like my motherboard, not doing much.

Going to reinstall windows 11 and see what happens

Level 8

The AMD I2C controller is from the AMD chipset drivers, so try reinstalling them. As regards the Wifi, the best option is to look at your Device Manager in Windows and check the Hardware ID on the details tab for the Unknown devices. Follow the advice in the link below to identify the manufacturer, ASUS kept putting up Intel Wifi drivers for my X670E-A when in fact the Wifi and Bluetooth are both AMD.

Go to this website for the database of manufacturers
Once you find the manufacturer, click on the device link and it will list the available known devices, match your hardware id dev no to find what's installed. On my onboard LAN, it gives PCI\VEN_14C3&DEV_0616 , 14C3 is Mediatek and Mediatek's 0616 is their MT7922 802.11ax PCI Express Wireless Network Adapter

Actually just used Armory Crate and I am sure it was Thunderbolt drivers but all of these are now gone. BUT I still cant get the wireless to work and nothing shows on Device Manager for it. So am going to disconnect the lan cable ( its needed elsewhere ) and reinstall windows 11.  I need wireless and if that dont work then its RA

Screenshot (3).png

Well an update, I have wi-fi working but I havent updated the wi-fi drivers and windows hasnt done its updates but you can see its working and shows in device manager. Sadly it worked before and then died and isappeared of the face of the planet so there is a problem therewifi.png

Level 8

and would you believe that next day its all gone

that is what happened with the first installation here but I thought I had better go back through it again and take some images

So it Win11 or Asus or both of them not playing nice

updated BIOS and memory is working correctly , wifi worked and then it didnt so turned it off and back on in the BIOS and its working