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Show all my changes to stock BIOS?

Level 8


I did quite some changes to my BIOS settings (fan curves, turned of unneeded hardware like bluetooth, RAM/CPU settings, ...) and saved it as a profile. Now I heard: sometimes it is not recommended to load an old profile on a new/updated BIOS version?

So my question: is there a simple way to display (or save to USB) all changes I made from the stock BIOS settings? So in case I update my BIOS version in the future - and I have to start "fresh" - I can manually apply all of them?

One way that comes to my mind: I could store my settings to a profile, then reset the BIOS (to stock values), then load the profile again - it should the show all changes to stock in the save dialogue. But I guess this is a rather unsorted list?




Level 8

Thanks - so this is another way. But I also read, that the .CMO file can't get restored on different BIOS versions (e.g. )

or is there a way to "dump" the content of that CMO file to a human readable form? Similar to the text the BIOS is showing when I change values and it asks for confirmation to apply them?

Mhh, there is also a ctrl-F2 command and some sources tell, that this will store the settings as text instead of a CMO file - I will try that out 🙂

Update: I checked, and indeed ctrl-F2 saves a text file containing all BIOS settings.

Sadly this include ALL settings, even the default ones - so I can't be sure what I really changed (most AUTO settings are default - but there are many many settings "enabled" which I sure did not enable by myself). Also the entries are completely unordered, making it very difficult to go though the list of almost 500 entries...