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Several stability issues with an ASUS ROG X670E Gaming-A WIFI

Level 7

Hello everybody,

I recently switched to an ASUS ROG X670E Gaming-A WIFI with a AMD Ryzen 7950X and 64GB Kingston Fury DDR5 Memory and running BIOS 1807 (tried a few others too, but the symptoms remain the same) and am having stability issues in certain scenarios.

- It takes almost a minute for my PC to boot, so I did some investigation and read that I should enable "Context Memory Restore", but whenever I enable this setting my PC completely freezes after a few minutes (even in the UEFI / BIOS settings screen). Not even Num Lock is responding. With this setting disabled my system works fine, it just takes a long time to boot every time.

- I'm experiencing USB stability issues at (usually cold) boot (Power delivery on S5 is disabled). Sometimes my mouse or other random peripherals aren't recognized (while it works fine on other PC's). Re-plugging the devices usually solves the issue, but it's kind of a hassle to go under my desk for this every time.

- At cold boot my system usually hangs (2/3) times and goes to a blank, right after loading the amdgpu driver (running Linux)

Once my system is booted it seems to be completely fine and rock solid and can have gaming sessions for a few hours without any problems so far.