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ROG Strix X670E-E with Bios 1202 experience

Level 8

Bios version 1202 for Asus X670 boards is out today and I'd like to share some results and ask some questions to see if I'm doing something not so right.
The first thing I must say is that everything is working fine, just like 1101, but I must change some settings beyond what comes as default with the BIOS.
The settings I change in the BIOS are the following:
- Overclock the RAM with Expo I, II or Tweaked
I have tried all three and my perception is that II and Tweaked work better or more stable. However, this automatically causes my PC's startup time to go from 40 seconds to over a minute, which is why I need to apply the next setting.
- Adjustments in DRAM Timing Control
At this point I simply change the Power Down Enable and Memory Content Restore options from AUTO to ENABLED. With this, after the first reboot, I mean from the second or third boot onwards, the PC finishes its verifications in 15 seconds and hands over control to Windows, which takes another 15 seconds to display the password screen. Total boot time ~32 seconds.
- PBO and CO
Here I have a small doubt since there are two places where we can configure these parameters. One is from AI Tweaker and the other is from Advanced. In my case, I get better results from Advanced section with the PBO option on Advanced and CO -25 All Cores.

Cinebench Test:
1. Default MB settings: ~36,800
2. Only RAM overclocked: ~36,700
3. RAM and PBO from AI Tweaker: ~36,900
4. RAM and PBO from Advanced: ~37,100

MSFS 2020 Ultra Settings Light/Medium Airport (LGKR):
1. Default MB settings: ~95fps
2. Only RAM overclocked: ~95 fps
3. RAM and PBO from AI Tweaker: ~100 fps
4. RAM and PBO from Advanced: ~103 fps
The simulator correctly uses the V-CACHE cores but RAM overclocked incremets temperatures aroung 4 degrees. While flying:
CPU: ~65°C, ~5,400 Mhz and ~72 Watts

Now the questions I have are the following:
1) Will it be necessary for these boards to always activate Power Down Enable and Memory Content Restore? If so, they should come as Default.
2) What is the difference between configuring the PBO from AI Tweaker or Advanced? What parameters are they using? Is there a better configuration from AI Teaker that I'm missing?

Thank you for our help.


Level 8

What are you running for a CPU, eg, 7800x 3D or a 7950c 3D?  Your numbers in Cine look very much like mine on my 7950x 3D

Ryzen 7950x3d.

A little bit update, I had to remove memory over clock because sometimes monitor doesn’t starts after displays some pixelated screen while posting. To solve the final black screen I have to unplug and replug the display port and turn off and on the monitor. By the way my memory is Trident Z5 Neo RGB F5-6000J3038F16GX2-TZ5NR


That is so strange.  I have not had that issue, but I also disabled the integrated GPU in the bios since I am running a discrete GPU.  I am struggling understand how it cam be EXPO that is causing this.  Do you have MCR enabled or disabled?

I'm sorry for the delay to respond you. Testing a lot, finally I realize that the problem with the screen was the CO. For some reason, the last BIOS updates (beginning in 1202) don't support CO -25 All cores so I'm using now Curve Optimizer - 19 All Cores.

And her i am running -35

Level 9

Memory content restore for me caused BSODs, I have to disable it or set it to auto to get into windows, im using buildzoids SK Hynix timings though, not sure if that makes a difference, but if that is the cause, id rather use these timings and have content restore disabled, than use stock timings and content restore enabled as buildzoids timings shave 10ns off latency alone.

Level 7

Thanks for this! My boot times aren't slow anymore with these changes.

Curve optimzer, has nothing to do with your boot time. But, if you are happy, right on.