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Rog Strix x670e-e M.2 install - remove thin blue peel on heat sync with two M.2s when only one used

Level 7

On the Rog Swift x670e-e, there is one heat sink that covers two M.2s.  There are two distinct thermal pads, both with the thin protective plastic.

I will be only installing one M.2, so I will obviously remove the thin protective plastic over the thermal pad for the M.2 I will be installing.

The question is if I should remove the protective thin plastic that covers the thermal pad for the unused slot, as the heat sink will still be dissipating heat.  I think its probably safe to keep it on as the heat shouldn't get so high that it would melt anything, and keeping it on would keep out dust until such time if I ever use it.

I'm curious what Asus/Community thinks as I didn't find any documentation about this scenario.  Thanks.

slot.jpgte heat.


Level 10

Leave the other protective layer on. No need to remove it unless there is an SSD installed.