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Rog Strix X670E does not recognize Asus AIO or case fans

Level 7


I just made a new build in a Fractal Meshify 2 mainly AMD and ASUS.
The list of components is here:

THE PROBLEM: It seems that my motherboard, asus rog strix x670e-f gaming wifi, does not recognize the different systems of ventilation / cooling. In the BIOS, EZ-mode window everything appears in NA. And when I enter the Q-fan controller, I can change things but the changes do not seem to work. So the fans and the AIO seem to be on full blast all the time.

For the CPU cooling, I have the AIO Ryujin II 360 (without RGB).
The AIO is connected as indicated: USB 2 in the motherboard, and the USB-c in the small hub provided, on which are connected the three fans (and the hub is powered in SATA)

For the case: I have the three 140mm fans of the Meshify 2 (3 pins connection) + 2 x Fractal Design Dynamic X2 GP-14 PWM (4 pins connection). These 5 fans are connected to the hub at the back of the case, powered by a SATA cable, then the hub is connected to the motherboard (connection E , CHA_FAN1P, page 1-8 on the manual).

My BIOS version is up to date (version 1004 march april 2023) and I'm under windows 11.

I don't even talk about Armoury Crate, because when I open the Fan Xpert, nothing happens. And in the information/monitoring page all fans are marked 0 RPM.

Am I the only one in this situation? How can I get the motherboard to recognize my fans and cooling systems?


Thanks in advance !



Level 7

Okay, I found a solution for 50% of my problem.

Here is how I solved the problem of non-recognition of the case fans.

The fact that the motherboard doesn't recognize the case fans comes from a specificity of the meshify 2 cases.
Whatever the number of fans on the case hub, there must be at least 1 plugged in the rightmost socket (surrounded by white and next to the SATA power supply and the connector to the motherboard). see the following reddit post:
Once I did that, all my case fans were well recognized in the BIOS as FAN1.

But to avoid software problems, I had to do a clean uninstall of Armoury Crate because the software was running all fans at maximum speed regardless of the profiles set in the BIOS.


So the only problem I have left is the non-recognition of the AIO Ruijyn II 360 in the BIOS. (still marked NA).

This probably has to do with the different connection mode of this AIO (usb 2 on the motherboard and with its little hub in usb-c on which the AIO fans are connected).
But since it's the same brand, I'm surprised of this compatibility problem.
Does anyone have a solution?


Level 14

The Ryujin's fan hub is not supposed to show up in the BIOS or Fan Xpert.  It is controlled via the Ryujin device page inside Armoury Crate.  The BIOS only shows motherboard fan headers.

thank you very much for the answer!

but i think it's a pity that :

1) no monitoring information is easily accessible on an AIO of this price 

2) the setting can only be done by Armoury Crate and not in the BIOS...

Level 14

It's pretty normal that the BIOS doesn't show anything for advanced USB AIOs or any other advanced USB devices.  As far as I know, there's no mainstream boards out there which do that.  The BIOS is very constrained in what it can do, as there is limited memory for the BIOS code and it has to be kept relatively simple.  An example of how tight BIOS memory is can be found in the support for Ryzen 5000; when manufacturers added support for the 5000 series on older boards, they had to drop support for the 1000 series due to the size limits for BIOS code.  BIOS USB support is normally limited to basic mass storage devices, and human input devices (without advanced features like lighting, etc).

As far as monitoring goes, you don't need Armoury Crate open once the Ryujin is configured (but it still needs to be installed).  You can configure the Ryujin's display to show whatever information you want for monitoring.