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Rog Strix b650e gaming WiFi code 00 error

Level 7

I initially spilled some warm juice on my computer one day ( I know that was dumb it was an accident) and turned it off and let it dry. Afterwards everything ran as normal apart from the keyboard and mouse glitching a bit (I assume there was water in the front usb ports. I then went to inspect my computer and when I turned it back on it will not boot with a qcode 00. I have replaced the cpu, same problem, so I return and still use my normal cpu. I replace my motherboard, same issue but I keep it just to be safe. I replace my power supply, same issue , keep it as well. I took out the ram and the storage, same issue. Took out the cooler for a short bit to see if it had an effect. Same issue. I replace my case today as I think there might be faulty cables.( I used entirely new cables for almost everything.) same issue. I just want to understand what I need to fix as I need my computer for my university coursework. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it.

My parts:

rog strix b650-e gaming WiFi (changed from rog gene motherboard)

7950X3D cpu (changed to 7800x3Dbut put back in)

2x16gb dominator ram(not changed)

msi A1000G pcie5 (changed)

fractal north case(changed)

nzxt 240mm infinity glass aio cooler(not changed)

Samsung 990 pro 1tb ssd(not changed)

msi gaming trio 4090 (not changed, error occurs without it) 



Hello Voidblood

Try updating to the latest motherboard bios with the bios flashback feature.

You'll need a usb flash drive and access to another pc to download and rename the bios file.






I have done that a few times with both different motherboards as well as reset the cmos. Same issue. I will try again and see