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ROG Crosshair x670e hero boot and memory issues solved

Level 7

It's been an adventure for sure. Odd Q-codes, Windows 11 blue screens and more! However i have managed to get a stable system. ROG Crosshair X670E Hero with BIOS 1004, 64G (32Gx2) G.Skill Trident Z5 Neo (F5-6000J3040G32GX2-TZ5N), Corsair MP600 2TB, GTX 3080TI.

I used EXPO1, FCLK 2000 Mhx and had set Memory Context Restore under Extreme Tweaker and the system is unstable! What is going on here? Further research shows that Memory Context Restore (MCR) is in 2 places in the BIOS.

Extreme Tweaker\DRAM Timing Control\Memory Context Restore\Enabled
Advanced\AMB CBS\UMC Options\DDR Options\DDR Memory Features\Memory Context Restore\Enabled

Seems to be "stupid pet tricks" with MCR but it is what it is. Not clear on how much BIOS 1004 contributed but all the Q-Codes have stabilized and the Windows 11 blue screens with Memory Management have gone away.

The 2nd "hidden" MCR seems to have been the issue. Memory training doesn't kick in now that the 64G has been trained. Boot times are about 10-15 seconds from ROG logo to Windows 11 auto login.


Level 9

I’ve never messed with MCR for these very reasons. 

Level 8

Thank you so much!!!!! This solved my problem for a Rog Strix x670 e-e plus wifi. I only knew about 1 MCR, not TWO. They really need to let people know about that, and maybe enable that IN THE FIRST PLACE?! 

Curiously, the option above the Dram timing location automatically enables "Power Down Enabled" .. should I leave this alone or set it back to Auto?