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Rog crosshair x670e extreme

Level 7
How's everybody doing?

So I was looking at the support page for my 2nd high end Asus ROG motherboard and I saw 2 firmware versions so far. V0611 and v0614 beta.

Does the board ship with v0611 or do I need to flash that before I do anything else?

Also is their any reason I should or should not flash the beta firmware? I've flashed beta on my x570 Crosshair VIII Formula and never had any issues but I know it's sometimes best to wait

So I need advice on this. Should I flash the beta for the improved stability or should I wait? I'm using an aio on a Ryzen 7900x and a 3080ti FTW3 Ultra. I bought some pny xlr8 DDR5 because I knew I'd be replacing it once more kits are out there and more importantly, higher quality kits... Oh DDR4 kit, I will miss you. 2 weeks of trial and error but I got a 3400mhz c18 kit running at 4000mhz CL14-14-14-34 1T and it was fantastic lol.

Later today... UPS not preventing anyways, I will build the system and I can't wait.

I just don't know what firmware revision to use haha.

hi, I am using USB4/thunderbolt ports. on EXTREME motherboard these are the middle ones...

This problem is only when thunderbolt 4 dock is in use. With older tb3 dock there is not any.

I think is maeby something about thunderbolt security related driver issue.

Level 7
Poor show had to return all hardware 3 days of crashing windows install errors ram not on qvl list constant crashes not supporting expo ram very poor mobo faulty as well x67e extreme u would think that such an expensive mobo would be checked by qc.just saying