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Realtek USB Audio

Level 8

I am a new owner of an x670e Hero motherboard. I moved from a competitor's board and I must say that, as an early adopter, this board has been relatively painless in the short time I have used it. Thanks Asus.

Brief description of system (as a new user, I haven't been able to edit my profile with specs and will do so ASAP): x670e Crosshair Hero motherboard, 7950x CPU, G.Skill 2 x 32GB memory. BIOS is 805. Windows 11 22H2 22621.963.

I do have a question about the Realtek audio system. Windows installed their audio driver as part of the OS install. Device Manager showed two entries for USB Audio: one driver was 2018 and the other 2022.

I ran the Asus Realtek installer. Realtek Audio Console, DTS and 3 Sonic apps were installed; presumably along with the Asus Realtek version of the drivers. Looking at Device Manager, I still see 2 entries for audio. They now say Realtek USB Audio. One with a driver from 2016 and another Sept 2022.

I am using Creative Pebble V2 speakers. They are not USB, but plug into the audio jack; so they don't have a built in sound card. There is an additional USB plug for power only.

Should there be two entries, including one that is 6 years old? Should/can I disable the older device entry? Does it even matter?

Any info and/or advice will be most appreciated.

Thanks and Happy New Year,