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Ram compatibility TUF x670e plus WiFi

Level 7

I have following config
7700x on TUF x670e PLUS Wifi
Ram G.Skill F5-6000J3636F16GX2-FX5  2x16GB Flare X5 6000mhz cl 36
Bios ver 1654 (Last one with supposedly better RAM compatibility)

So, this RAM has worked on bios versions 06XX/08XX. After that I gave up a bit and have run it with default 4800Mhz.
Now there is this new Agesa update that should help with Ram OC. So I Installed it and it still is not working. Im running it at enabled Expo but then changed frequency from 6000 to 5600. Otherwise it wont boot, it tries two or three times then resets to default and lets you back into the bios to correct settings.
I also know that this Ram WAS NOT on the motherboard support list, but now IT IS there. Am I forgetting  or doing something wrong?

How do I get it to run at 6000? Also Boot times 4800 vs 5600 are quite bit longer (I know memory training) should it also not improve with new firmware? There are also two options for Memory context restore, in the past they gave me bluescreens, should I enable them now?


Level 7

Update: Installed newer BIOS 1809, still no 6000Mhz.
At least tried few settings and enabling both memory context restores reduced boot time while still passing memtest.
Also set its now for 5800Mhz so I guess some small change is needed? Where?