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ProArt B650 Creator 50 second delay before POST

Level 7

My new system uses a Asus ProArt B650 Creator has a 52-55 second delay from power-on to the system starting its POST. This happens every time the system is started. Apart from that the system seems to run fine.

The bios has been upgraded to the latest 1602 version and is running default settings.

Can anyone suggest why this may be happening?

My full system is as follows:

Asus ProArt B650 Creator
AMD Ryzen 7950X CPU
G.Skill Trident Z5 NEO Series (AMD Expo) 64GB (2 x 32GB)

Many thanks for any suggestions.


Level 7

I have that motherboard as well. Same issue here, takes quite a long time. My guess is it's the memory training.

Level 7

enable Power Down mode for RAM
enable Memory Context Restore

note: power down mode must be enabled, as memory context restore won't work without it in current bios versions

Thank for the tip, however that made my PC crash at Windows logon screen. Probably because my memory isn't on the QVL list. I set them up as EXPO I and if I try with EXPO II option, I get instability. So in other words the memory training at cold boot is very necessary for memory that isn't on the QVL list (and I'm okay with that).

What Agesa version you on? should have better memory stability only seems to have brought support for the upcoming APU chips, but a is in the works - so we can hope it will have better memory optimizations

You need to evaluate memory stability before enabling Context Restore. The mistake users sometimes make is assuming that EXPO/XMP is not overclocking.

Test enabling Context Restore without EXPO/XMP enabled.

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Level 7 here.