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Ping Spikes with ASUS B650M-PLUS WIFI Realtek 8852BE Onboard

Level 8
I'm having a problem with my ASUS B650M-PLUS WIFI motherboard, it's as follows:
It comes equipped with an onboard Realtek 8852BE Wireless LAN WiFi 6 PCI-E NIC network adapter that is installed on version 6001.15.145.0 (Win 11 Home).
Whenever I play CSGO, every 60 seconds or so, the ping varies from 25ms (common) to over 400ms and quickly returns to 25ms. It remains at 25ms for the next approximately 60 seconds and the spike occurs again.
For further investigation I pinged every second and could see that the ping stays ~10-15ms always for more than 5 minutes indicating no problem when no gaming. I have two other computers (desktop+notebook) that I tested in the same location using WIFI and playing CSGO. Both work perfectly without this "ping spike" episode, indicating that it is not a router problem or signal interference. Both at the frequency of 2.4 and 5.
I searched on Google for "RTL8852BE spikes" and there are many complaints about this same problem. I tried all the possible solutions indicated without success.
Is there already a solution to this problem or is this onboard motherboard adapter really problematic and the only solution is to install an external one in a pcie slot?

Level 8

Update: Using a USB WiFi dongle, the ping spike does not occur. Confirming that the problem is with the onboard wifi adapter (perhaps driver).