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PD firmware Update Tool V004 on X670E Extreme/Hero/Gene Boards

Level 7


I have an X670E-Extreme board and I've noticed the "PD firmware Update Tool V004" update for the Firmware category with 2024/01/16 as release date. I've noticed that this was also available for the Hero and Gene boards and I can see that this is even in the ROG MAXIMUS Z690 HERO and ROG MAXIMUS Z790 APEX but under this name: "PD firmware Update Tool V016" 

The description is: Improved compatibility and added CDC mode support.

May I know what is this update for exactly? Is it needed? will it solve some issues like this? :

In that post it was stated that the mouse lag was caused by some Thunderbolt/USB4 issue and a fix was proposed by modifiying Power Management settings. So, it would be nice if this update fixes that issue, thereby avoiding the need to change Power Management settings.


Also, I've seen that some people have reported when updating the PD Firmware that they are unable to connect monitors unless 10 seconds power button press is done for other model but similar Firmware Update, more info here:

Also another user seems to have asked something similar here:

But there is no official answer.


So, having said the above, it will be nice to have some more details of what problem or fix or feature is this PD firmware Update Tool introducing, and also know if there is a possible issue that needs to be solved by pressing the power button or shutting complety off the computer.

An official answer and community feedback for those that have installed it on a X670E board will be very appreciated



P.S. Seems like similar question as this one was posted as well in the following link but for the Z790 Apex board:




Level 10

PD is (USB-PD) USB Power Delivery - What it update, sorry i dont know. Maybe it had some bugs with Power delivery.

CDC is USB-CDC (USB Communication Device Class) The revision is probably for various compatibility e.g. USB to RS232 adapter connections support or has been improved

Hope i could help u a little bit.