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PC won't restart or shutdown - When ASUS AI optimizer i set to on in BIOS.

Level 7
Hello guys,

My x670e Crosshair hero, is not completing the restart cycle or completely shutdown.

The screen goes off and the signal ends but the mobo stays on showing the CPU temp and general leds ON as well.

I am 100% certain that it is only due to the Asus AI turned on in BIOS, but I am bit baffled because 2 days ago it wasn't happening.

Clear CMOS and loading windows with MOBO default settings does work fine, setting DRAM config still works fine when restarting or shutting down, but as soon as I Enable the Asus AI optimizer or whatever is called, the issue comes back.

The reason I am using the AI is bc is the best way to get a good performance form my 7900x, otherwise the CPU sticks to 5.5ghz when 4 threads are engaged.

have anyone experienced the same behaviour?

Level 9
Do You Fallow AI Instruction so it can predicted your cooling system in the stress test and sets the AI overclocking Accordingly. I do AI overclocking and works perfect I seen speed up to 7.248 MHz Turbo boost in the 3DMark with good cooling.